Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman Founder

Matt Chapman is a visionary and a proponent of well-being, simplicity, and innovative thinking. He is the creator of Parihoa, a new-age well-being company and network, which embodies his philosophy of creating nurturing and uplifting spaces. Chapman is deeply invested in personal transformation and self-improvement, advocating for practices that enhance well-being and foster a sense of interconnectedness through concepts like telepathy and synchronicity. His approach to life and business is characterized by a desire to transcend conventional norms, focusing on energy and the creation of ideas rather than solely on financial returns. Chapman's journey from a corporate life to owning and operating the picturesque Parihoa Farm in New Zealand reflects his commitment to simplicity and well-being, and his belief in the power of storytelling and music to connect and inspire people. Below are the latest articles from Matt:

Jarod Bunning

Jarod Bunning Head of Tech

Jarod is the technology strategist at Parihoa, pivotal in integrating tech solutions with the company's well-being and sustainability ethos. He manages the digital infrastructure, ensuring that Parihoa's technological advancements align with its vision of simplicity and interconnectedness. Jarod's role is crucial in maintaining the digital presence of Parihoa, optimizing online platforms, and supporting innovative tech-driven initiatives. His approach combines cutting-edge technology with a mindfulness that mirrors Matt Chapman's philosophy, enhancing the community's engagement and experience.

Fraser Falconer

Fraser Falconer Writer

Theresa Murphy Writer


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