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1st Feb 2024

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A New Chapter: Matt Chapman's Journey from Global Entrepreneur to Custodian of Parihoa Farm

Hello everyone, it's Matt Chapman, and I wanted to introduce you to this new site on Parihoa. I am the owner and custodian of Parihoa Farm. This incredible farm brought me from my 'life one' to my current 'life two'. I was living in Singapore, fully immersed in my global entrepreneurial and HR career, when one day, I saw an image of Parihoa through Sotheby's. Immediately, I was transfixed by what I saw. 

Very soon after, I was on a plane to New Zealand. I met the Storey family, fell in love with Parihoa, and the rest is history. A year later, following a lengthy process of overseas investment approval and reorganising my life, I took possession of Parihoa Farm. Now, I'm a decade into this journey and at the most significant inflection point of my life. I have made the decision to sell Parihoa Farm. 

This exercise is part of my storytelling process to share more about the magic of Parihoa Farm with the world, in order to attract the right visionaries who can take over my dream. Sotheby's has the listing for Parihoa Farm, and I am reaching out to my own network. My reason for selling Parihoa is to simplify, as part of my journey from 'life one' to 'life two'. Sometimes, it's necessary to pass on aspects of your life to others, so that you can clear the path for your best life. 

I will delve into this in more detail. This is the first page of the story to get things moving. I will share my thoughts, ideas, and visions in a series of text, audio, and video mediums, and I hope you enjoy the journey. 

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